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CSC 1455 Yamaha

CSC 1455 Yamaha
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CSC 1455 Yamaha - Popis zboží

The maple, copper and birch shell models feature extended, brass cable snares that balance sensitivity with clear articulation at all dynamic levels. Perfect for all-around concert applications, the two steel models use coiled wire snares made of hard, high carbon steel. These snares offer a bright, delicate response and make sustained, legato press roles easy to play.

CSC 1455



14" x 5 1/2"



1,2mm copper



2,3mm steel, triple flange



0,6mm brass cable 14 strand

Strainer System:


Extended extra smooth type



Batter: Coated Ambassador
Snare: Clear Ambassador

Exterior Finish:


Clear lacquer

Interior Finish:



Natural Vintage Finish
This original finish formulated by Yamaha not only beautifies the look of the shell, but actually enhanced its dynamic range and sustain. It also seals the wood from humidity variations to protect the shell and make it more consistent sonically. (Note: exposure to light changes the shell colour to a golden brown over 4-6 month period.)

CSC 1455 Yamaha - Dotaz na prodavače