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QT 1 Yamaha

QT 1 Yamaha
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QT 1 Yamaha - Popis zboží

This metronome's great looks are only surpassed by its great performance. Volume control allows you to hear the beat over loud music, and two different "beat" sounds make for pleasant practice sessions. You can even turn the volume off and just follow the flashing red indicator light. The QT metronomes feature a compact design with quartz accuracy.

  • Red indicator light
    signaling tempo, from 40 to 208 beats per minute
  • Controls
    built into the bottom of the metronome indicating musical tempo references, from largo to presto
  • Standard pitch
    440 Hz tone for tuning purposes
  • Dimensions
    95 x 44 mm (3-3/4" X 1-3/4")
  • Weight
    140g (5 oz) with battery
  • Accessory
    9V dry cell battery (6F22)
  • Available
    in black (QT-1B) or brown wood design (QT-1BR)

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